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We at Blackicing provide you with the best inline jeans at a considerably lesser price ranges with uncompromised quality.

With trained workers operating top technology in order to manufacture the best possible jeans for you, we believe that you will not find better quality jeans manufactured using sustainable manufacturing
processes anywhere else. Each thread, each button and every bit of detail is given equal importance while intricately weaving together a perfect jean for you by our skilled employees. We take pride in what we deliver to you.

The production house


Each and every jeans that we make are first designed conceptually as sketches which are later manufactured keeping every detail in mind. Customer’s preferences on classical yet modern designs are kept under consideration while creating the pattern for our jeans.


The pattern pieces that we make are then traced onto the jeans and  cut into sheers to work with. Then our skilled workers put together a sample jean with them.


After the sample jeans are made they are sent to the washhouses of our partners. Washing is important as the fibres tend to contract on the first wash and this affects the grading process of the jeans.


The washed samples are then worn, tested and further adjustments are made to them according to the test results. This is done iteratively in order to achieve the perfect jeans for you.


Once the samples are approved then we start producing them in bulk. Each employee is handed a specific function to perform in the production process but are often rotated in order to make them versatile at very skill.


Uncompromised quality is our primary concern. So we make sure that every thread, every stich, buttons, rivets and fibre are of top-grade and are reviewed and approved before they are sent out into the real world.