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Encouraging local goods while producing employment opportunities for the people.

Blackicing produces best quality sustainable jeans in cheaper price ranges by encouraging local resources while maintaining environmental standards.

We only use locally produced resources while making our jeans which not only makes them considerably cheaper but also endorses local suppliers and producers. Local people are employed while manufacturing the jeans which creates job opportunities for them and also helps to keep the revenue within the country.

Our Social Impact


Our training programs help to generate skilled manpower in the field and also for our company. These programs help them better understand the industry they are working for and also encourage them to be more creative with the designs or the production processes as a whole.


Our company provides employment opportunities and if they were to demonstrate high skills in the required sector with efficiency then they are also offered permanent positions within the company itself.


While making our jeans, not only will the employees be able to fine-tune their acquired skills but also demonstrate their creativity whenever necessary.


Our employees will not only be able to sustain their family and themselves but they can be considered as well-off. They earn for the efforts they put in and are not forced to work overtime or extensively in order to earn their pay.


Besides the skills our employees earn for making perfect jeans, they are also taught about various other skills which we deem necessary such as budgeting, machinery, fincances, etc which help them towards a better future.


We only send out top quality jeans that are made with the locally grown raw materials and are manufactured sustainably with the highest grade technology available. When customers are more than satisfied with our jeans, this makes us and our employees proud in our work.


We believe in empowering the less fortunate and disadvantaged manpower. By giving them job opportunities and providing them with necessary trainings, we hope to create a positive impact on the society.


Our less fortunate and disadvantaged group of employees earn a better position in the society and are able to challenge the status quo by paving a new path for the next generations to come.