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Blue Jeans

Make every combination count with your pair of jeans

What exactly bring appraisals, infinite confidence, utmost comfort to you when you think of slaying to that event you planning for?  Yeah we all know different people have different perspective towards giving out a dashing look to any event that pops up. Some will tell you my beautiful Nike foot wear is all that gives me joy when I’m planning to go out, also some will tell you oh!  My designer tops will kill the show instantly with me just walking majestically in. But despite all this and even those  you didn’t even mention the most outstanding outfit that makes all combination superb be it that designer shirts, caps, footwear, jewelries is a pair of jeans who exactly you can do without not putting on for those events you planning on slaying to. Believe me a pair of jeans protrudes a beautiful image of you always. Do you have one?  Well if you don’t you definitely missing out on the goodies that upholds the fashion world.

Why should you rock a pair of jeans?

Wow!  This is freaking awesome. Picture yourself rocking this dashing outfit to that birthday party you planning for. You definitely killing the party. Everyone will definitely want to take a picture with you just because of how beautiful, simple, elegant you look. Mind you, do you know what exactly made her look hot?  Yeah it’s that black jeans she is putting on. It fits with all other fashion accessories she is putting on. So if you don’t have a pair of jeans as an India lady and you want to slay the following should trigger those thoughts you having at the moment which are;

  • Blends perfectly with all outfits: having a collection of jeans in your wardrobe/detox will definitely put your mind at rest when it comes to slaying at the event. Name that outfit, a black jeans or even a blue one will definitely make you rock.
  • All sort of footwear goes well on it: If you the type that loves footwear a lot  such as sandals, heels, canvas, name all it goes with all kinds of female shoes perfectly. Try getting a pair for your self you will definitely thank me for introducing you to it.

Lover of jewelries also aren’t left out. All pendants, necklaces, wrist watches fits perfectly well with a pair of jeans. All you need is to try them on then you will see what I’m talking about.

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