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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you take returns and do refunds?

Yes we do whenever they are necessary. Please get in touch with us or refer to our refund policy page for further clarifications.

2. Website is not working properly?

Please contact us with the concerned issue that you are facing. We will make sure to look over the issues as soon as we are notified about them.

3. Where are you based?

We are a company operating in India.

4. What does Blackicing do?

We manufacture top quality jeans through sustainable manufacturing processes keeping your comfort in mind.

5. How are you different from other companies?

We believe in promoting locally available resources and training skilled manpower in order to craft sustainable jeans with uncompromised quality for you. Creating little to none negative impacts on the environment while manufacturing jeans also falls under our major concern.

6. Why does Blackicing exist?

Our sole purpose is to bring you with great quality jeans in affordable and cheaper price ranges all the while promoting locally available resources and labour and limiting the impacts on the environment that production processes may have.

7. How do you care for your staffs?

We provide them training not only in technical matters that the job demands but also in skills  like finance, management which they will require in the future once they move on from us.
Providing a chance to disadvantaged people to whom the society was unfair is our primary goal while hiring manpower and training them.

8. Does cheaper jeans mean lesser quality?

No cheaper jeans does not mean a compromise in the quality and the grade of material used to manufacture them. We use locally available raw materials instead of importing them along with locally available manpower. This helps to bring down the price for our jeans. Along with this, our energy efficient machines and sustainable production processes also play a major role in
keeping their price down.

9. How are your jeans made?

Please refer to our “Our Process” page for detailed explanations.

10. Where do you get materials to make your jeans?

We only use locally available resources. Please refer to “Our supply chain” page to further know where we get our materials and how they are moulded into perfect jeans for you.

11. What is your position on environment sustainability?

We highly value sustainable processes while manufacturing our jeans and we make sure that no negative impacts are made on the  environment while manufacturing our jeans.

12. Are you jeans ethically made?

We make sure that each and every part of our jeans are made ethically making sure that they are of top quality and are the best in line in accordance to the current generation and fashion
sense. We emphasize on not only our jeans but also our hard working employees who are  working behind the scenes to bring you with the best jeans in the market in affordable price ranges..

13. Want to contact us?

If your question is not answered in the FAQ page then feel free to contact us with you respective inquiries.