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Business partners are highly Welcomed!

Are you also involved in sales of ladies jeans and looking for whom to associate your marketing skills with?  That’s cool because here at Blackicing we give room for various business partners who are ready to deliver seamless services towards the growth of our business. Being an online store in India, our motive is to promote India brands being the best. We support beautiful ladies or even models by empowering them into sales of ladies jeans from their respective house holds in India. Are you committed to your job?

How do we employ your service?

Blackicing is not just an ordinary ladies jeans store, we are planning on taking this store of ours beyond our present domain which involves us teaming with various ladies by empowering them with the aim of  influencing our products from their respective domains.

Why should you work with Blackicing

  • We understand what it takes being a beautiful lady with no means of paying bills so we took it upon us by providing you with some of our products which you help us in selling in which for every pair of jeans you sell you will be paid 100rs.
  • You are entitled to some of our ladies jeans which you can use in influencing our product.
  • You are entitled to working at any place of your choice so far you are influencing and also promoting sales of our products wherever you are.

All this all in stock for you alone if  you are committed to your job and also if you a fan of fashion this is a great offer for you in promoting your fashion sense. Your appearance and mode of dressing will increase drastically while working with us.  Do you want to be called a fashion icon?  Then if truly you love such title being linked to your name partnering with Blackicing won’t be a problem for you. All we cherish is to provide every beautiful lady the best way of promoting their fashion sense and also personal life.

If you interested kindly reach out to us we are here for you anytime,  any day.

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